Model shoot with Heather May Corvid

Model shoot with Heather May Corvid

Monday 1 August 2016

For our monthly club studio shoot with a model we had Heather this week, who looked very pre-Raphaelite in terms of her hair colour and styling once Leanne Brown (our MUA) had worked her magic.    After some discussion about props and it was decided to use a glass-topped white table with a white backdrop to bring out the drama of Heather’s hair colour.  Photographers paired off in twos to shoot together and set up the lighting as they preferred it.  The advantage of that was the freedom to choose how the image was made instead of us all having a uniform set of images.  Working with a partner also assists with deciding how you’d like a model to pose because you spark ideas off each other.

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Each pair had a set allotted time to get their photographs initially, which involved working with Heather to produce a set of images.  As an experienced model, it was very easy to work with her and she brought her own skill to the sessions.   Heather wore lingerie for the first round of shooting and then was nude for the second.  All of us share ideas about which camera settings we like to use and that again helps us to get a set of images that we like.  Dan was available to advise and ask questions about what we were striving to achieve and his experience and expertise helped considerably.  Judging by the photographs posted on the club FB page it was a very successful shoot.

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  1. Popapalmer

    I really enjoyed the shoot with Heather, she is a model with a big future.

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